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Week 41 In Review: US Retail Sales Bounce Back

October 16, 2017

    US retail sales improve, CPI boosted by gasoline IMF nudges up global growth forecast Brexit talks at apparent impasse FOMC on course for December rate hike Stocks continued their advance into record territory, marking the fifth consecutive weekly gain for the large-cap Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 Index. The week brought… Read More ›

Week 39 In Review: Hurricanes End Seven-Year Payroll Streak

                    Nonfarm payrolls fall in wake of hurricanes Catalonia expected to declare independence Global economy continues to purr Fed short list makes rounds Trump expected to de-certify Iran nuclear deal   Global equities extended their gains this week, with the MSCI All Country World Index hitting… Read More ›

Three million savers with ‘final salary’ pensions have a 50:50 chance of losing up to a fifth of their income

Three million workers with final salary pensions have 50 per cent chance of losing up to fifth of their income because their employers have made unaffordable promises, a report has warned. A growing number of employers who have offered staff so-called “final salary” pension schemes are coming under extreme pressure to meet their obligations, the… Read More ›

‘Why will no one help me cash in my Pension?’

Savers are being thwarted from cashing in their “final salary”-style pensions because financial advisers are refusing to work with them over fears of compensation claims. Millions of people with final salary pensions, where income is based on salary and length of service, have the right to move their savings into other pension arrangements. Thousands have… Read More ›

There has never been a better time to consider cashing in a Final Salary Pension

  As things stand today, there has never been a better time to consider cashing in a final salary pension AKA DB Scheme. This is down to the fact that transfer values (the transfer offers on the table from employers) are at record highs. Some schemes are offering transfer values of 40 times the annual… Read More ›

Week 37 In Review – North Korean Tensions Intensify

                    UN votes to impose new North Korea sanctions China scraps deposit requirement for trades BOE holds rates steady amid high inflation US CPI rose 1.9% year on year in August US household income rises for second year US retail sales disappoint   As tensions continued… Read More ›

Rich People From These Nations Hide the Most Offshore Wealth

        The top 0.01 percent isn’t paying a big chunk of its tax bill Pinpointing the inequality between rich and poor is notoriously difficult because the data is so squishy, and new research shows just how hard that job can be. The study is the first of its kind to quantify tax avoidance… Read More ›

Week 36 In Review

                  Florida eyes powerful winds, rain, storm surge Fed job openings in focus Trump strikes deal on debt limit, Harvey relief North Korea tests hydrogen bomb Global equities were little changed this week as markets digested escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula and the potential impacts of… Read More ›

The FTSE 100 And Their Pension Disclosures

  This Quarterly Report covers all FTSE100 companies. It includes analysis of all annual reports for years ending on or before the 30 June 2016 and published by 31 October 2016. This report albeit 6 months old is something to look at as this problem is only getting worse, hence I wanted to share it… Read More ›

Week 35 In Review

                  US nonfarm payrolls disappoint Harvey displaces thousands, energy sector hit hard North Korea fires missile over Japan US Q2 growth revised higher Euro strengthens as inflation rises Gains later in the week helped stocks move higher amid generally light trading in advance of the Labor Day… Read More ›