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Month: August 2012

Was Facebook the Best Pump & Dump to Date?

Before reading this article, ask yourself a few simple questions: What was Facebook’s value, at its Initial Public Offering launch? “$104 billion” What was Facebook’s operating profit in the previous year? “$1 billion” So how on earth did they reach that outrageous valuation & how does a pump and dump really work? This question will… Read More ›

International Will Writing

Your last Will and Testament is a very important part of the financial planning process; it ensures your wishes are carried out after you die. Many people think they need to be old, sick or wealthy to need a Will. However, the truth is, everyone of legal age should have one. Even if you’re young,… Read More ›

Spain’s Woes….

Economists are well aware that Spain will be next to seek a bailout, however it still remains unclear when they will need the funds and the levels of funds they would need. With Spain’s economy being the twelfth largest worldwide and the fifth largest in the European Union, as well as the Eurozone’s fourth largest,… Read More ›

Greece In Ruins

The financial crisis in Greece is a long-standing issue that sees little improvement with its unstable political situation. Placing their ideology aside, contesting parties are either for austerity measures or against it. Most recently, Socialist leader Evangelos Venizelos gave up the mandate to form a coalition government after negotiations proved fruitless. Although a coalition may… Read More ›

Can the Eurozone learn from financial crisis in the developing world?

There is a widespread sense that what is happening in the European economy today is unprecedented – the fallout of an attempt at economic union without political commitment to fiscal transfers. There is some truth in this, but European exceptionalism is a myth. In many ways, the countries of Europe’s periphery are reading from a… Read More ›

The Eurozone & Its Snail Pace

Economic confidence in the Euro-area decreased more than economists forecast to the lowest in almost three years in July, suggesting the economic slump extended into the third quarter as governments struggled to tame the debt crisis.  According to a report by the European Commission in Brussels, the index of executive and consumer sentiment in the… Read More ›