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Month: April 2018

UK Inheritance Tax Receipts Reach Record £5.2bn

    The UK government hauled in £5.2bn ($7.2bn, €5.9bn) of inheritance tax receipts during the 2017/18 tax year, a figure 8% higher than the previous year.   The 8% rise, representing £400m, for the latest tax year comes despite the government introducing the residence nil-rate band (RNRB) allowance in April 2017. The RNRB, combined… Read More ›

Setting Up an Offshore Company & What does it Mean

  Setting Up an Offshore Company & What does it Mean   If you are running a business overseas and your revenue is not sourced from your country of residence, you may want to seriously consider an offshore company. BVI, Samoa, Seychelles, Marshall Islands, Belize, Anguilla; these are tax efficient countries.   What does that… Read More ›

Week 15 2018 – In Review

  Stocks recorded solid gains and reversed the previous week’s losses. Markets remained volatile, however, as investors appeared to remain focused on the turbulent political environment rather than the upcoming release of first-quarter corporate earnings reports. The Nasdaq Composite Index performed best, helped by a rally in Facebook shares as investors seemed to react favorably… Read More ›

Almost One in Eight to Retire with NO Pension Savings

  Nearly one in eight people retiring this year have no pension savings, new research from Prudential shows.   This 12 per cent includes some 10 per cent of the people surveyed by Prudential – which polled 9,896 non-retired UK adults aged 45 or more – who will either be totally or somewhat reliant on… Read More ›

Market Wrap Q1 2018

  The first quarter of 2018 has been one of the most challenging quarters for global asset markets since the 2008 Financial crisis. However, despite falling asset values in most developed and developing markets the global economic picture remains healthy with robust growth figures being reported worldwide.   North America After a substantial rally in… Read More ›

Week 14 2018 In Review

  Trade Tensions Continue to Influence Markets The major benchmarks ended lower after another week of significant volatility. Heightened trade tensions between China and the US continued to dominate sentiment during the week. Stocks sold off sharply on Monday, following China’s announcement that it would retaliate on US aluminum and steel tariffs with $3 billion… Read More ›

Week 13 2018 In Review

  US Overview Stocks recovered a portion of the previous week’s steep losses and recorded solid gains. The week was notable for a sell-off in high valuation technology companies, however, which caused the Nasdaq Composite to lag the other benchmarks. A steep drop in Amazon caused the consumer discretionary sector to join technology and energy… Read More ›