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Month: January 2018

Scottish Expats Unaware of International Privilege

  Unmarried Scots, even those who have lived abroad for long periods, have a right to raise a claim to a partner’s estate in the event of separation. The little-known law, which was introduced by the Scottish Parliament, is unique in the UK. Based on domicile rather than residence, the rule means that individuals can… Read More ›

Week 2 In Review

  For the week ending 12th January 2018 U.S. markets are shut Monday for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday after the S&P 500 Index closed on Friday at an all-time high. The euro remained near a three-year high on bets that central bank stimulus will be pared back further in Europe as its economy… Read More ›

10 steps to avoid being hit with 40% IHT in 2018

    With inheritance tax payments hitting a record high at the end of 2017, the New Year is a good time for advisers to ensure that clients are being as tax efficient as possible when passing on wealth to future generations, law firm Collyer Bristow has advised.   According to HM Revenue & Customs,… Read More ›

A Review of the US Markets 2017

                US economic growth appears to be picking up but with the FED likely to tighten policy and inflation increasing, we appear to be in the latter stages of the cycle. Global equity markets record an unprecedented year of performance and market conditions look supportive of further gains… Read More ›

Goodbye 2017, Hello 18′

                          This past year has seen for the first time since the Global Financial Crisis, Europe, North America and Asia growing strongly at the same time. We expect this trend to continue through 2018.   United Kingdom   UK assets have experienced a… Read More ›

Week 1 – 2018 – In Review – Happy New Year !

                    Stocks got off to a strong start in the first week of 2018, bringing all of the major indexes to new highs. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, although narrowly focused, garnered the most attention by passing the 25,000 threshold on Thursday—less than a year after… Read More ›