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Month: September 2015

What you ought to know about the falling Malaysian Ringgit and why it will not recover soon!

Love or hate stories that are negative about the currency that you use on a daily basis, it is something we all need to understand and more importantly plan for! I held a seminar two weeks ago and I was surprised with how many people agreed that Malaysia‚Äôs currency is not going to recover quickly…. Read More ›

Malaysia to stimulate new economic plan

  For a country currently grappling with its economy, a rejuvenating new multi-billion dollar plan was recently announced by Prime Minister, Najib Razak. Since the dawn of 2015, the prime minister has been constantly facing a slower pace of economic growth and a currency losing nearly a fifth of its value versus the US Dollar…. Read More ›

Your Leisure

We make lifestyle choices to reap the true rewards life has to offer us. Have you made your personal choices? Are you the type who enjoys an active social life, being pro-active within your own community? Do you and your family members routinely take part in sporting events, outdoor adventures and family-related activities? All of… Read More ›