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Farringdon Asset Management secures Dubai licence

March 17, 2019

Following the opening of a wealth business in Singapore The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) has granted a category 3C fund management licence to Farringdon Asset Management, International Adviser can reveal. Farringdon’s branch office will be based in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and is headed up by Stuart Yeomans, who was formerly chief executive of… Read More ›

UK Inheritance Tax Receipts Reach Record £5.2bn

    The UK government hauled in £5.2bn ($7.2bn, €5.9bn) of inheritance tax receipts during the 2017/18 tax year, a figure 8% higher than the previous year.   The 8% rise, representing £400m, for the latest tax year comes despite the government introducing the residence nil-rate band (RNRB) allowance in April 2017. The RNRB, combined… Read More ›

Setting Up an Offshore Company & What does it Mean

  Setting Up an Offshore Company & What does it Mean   If you are running a business overseas and your revenue is not sourced from your country of residence, you may want to seriously consider an offshore company. BVI, Samoa, Seychelles, Marshall Islands, Belize, Anguilla; these are tax efficient countries.   What does that… Read More ›

Almost One in Eight to Retire with NO Pension Savings

  Nearly one in eight people retiring this year have no pension savings, new research from Prudential shows.   This 12 per cent includes some 10 per cent of the people surveyed by Prudential – which polled 9,896 non-retired UK adults aged 45 or more – who will either be totally or somewhat reliant on… Read More ›

Island Tax Haven Firms Own 23,000 UK Properties

  Courtesy of BBC News I thought I would share this information with you as it is quite significant numbers and HMRC will definitely be looking at this with a fine tooth comb, potentially making new legislation or even imposing more taxation implications, let’s see.   A quarter of property in England and Wales owned… Read More ›

Are you an Accidental American ??

‘Accidental Americans’ Putting Asia’s Wealth Transfer at Risk Courtesy of International Advisor   Accidental Americans face ruin if their estates are not properly structured, a lawyer has warned.   Accidental Americans are often children who are born in the United States but do not grow up there, children who are born outside of America but… Read More ›

The Pension Debate Continues: DB Pensions AKA Final Salary Schemes –Things you NEED to know and my Opinion

  Ok, so I get asked ALL the time ‘what should I do with my UK Final Salary Pension and what guarantees & benefits do I get’, WELL below I have highlighted just a few of the main points you should consider when looking at this and reasons why you should or shouldn’t look at… Read More ›

Scottish Expats Unaware of International Privilege

  Unmarried Scots, even those who have lived abroad for long periods, have a right to raise a claim to a partner’s estate in the event of separation. The little-known law, which was introduced by the Scottish Parliament, is unique in the UK. Based on domicile rather than residence, the rule means that individuals can… Read More ›

10 steps to avoid being hit with 40% IHT in 2018

    With inheritance tax payments hitting a record high at the end of 2017, the New Year is a good time for advisers to ensure that clients are being as tax efficient as possible when passing on wealth to future generations, law firm Collyer Bristow has advised.   According to HM Revenue & Customs,… Read More ›

UK Expat Issues – Residency, Domicile & Tax

                      As you have seen in the news lately things are changing in the UK not only to combat money leaving the UK but to also combat tax evasion. There is a misconception that tax avoidance is the same as Tax evasion, it’s not.  … Read More ›