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Month: March 2015

Oil Price Volatility

After dramatic drops last week the oil price has rebounded strongly over the last few days. The principal driver of this is the military action Saudi Arabia began yesterday in Yeman. WTI has rebounded from a low of $42 a barrel to a high of nearly $52. In the near term Goldman Sachs predicts that… Read More ›

Malaysian Regulators Steadily Stepping Up Their Controls

This week I  had an interview with the International Adviser on GST and Malaysia constant battle with regulation. As you guys know, one of my main aims over the last few years has been increasing the regulation in Malaysia for which Life Broker companies operate. It has been a slow process but we are getting there and… Read More ›

China’s New Dawn

Last week at the official opening of Chinas annual parliamentary meeting, Premier Li Keqiang signalled that the lowest rate of growth in a quarter of a century is the “new normal” for the world’s second largest economy. Last year China targeted a growth rate of 7.5% in GDP which it failed to meet. This in… Read More ›