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Month: June 2016

National Insurance Report for UK Passport Holders

Been Offshore for a Few Years? Didn’t know you were eligible for a FULL UK State Pension? We Can Help! If you fail to pay enough National Insurance before you retire, you could miss out on the full state pension. But does making up your missed payments, make financial sense? We at Farringdon Group Ltd… Read More ›

The Brexit has happened…….so what’s next?

                  I personally followed the media trail on the run up to the Brexit referendum and many fingers pointed to a stay vote. Even Nigel Farage hinted that he felt the campaign to leave was potentially lost and to our surprise it has gone the other way… Read More ›

QROPS Factsheet

QROPS stands for Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme. These are non-UK schemes that have been declared to HMRC which then fit the QROPS criteria and should be recognised as such. Living offshore and transferring a UK pension offshore can possibly help an individual to avoid paying higher tax rates than if they stayed or kept… Read More ›

Sterling Volatility

The pound fell to an eight-week low today while the cost of hedging against big swings in its exchange rate against the euro over the coming month hit a record high, this happens with 48 hours remaining on Britain voting whether to remain in the European Union. Betting markets suggest the possibility of the option to… Read More ›