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Month: August 2017

How To Make The Most Of Unused Inheritance Tax Allowance

The UK tax office has recently updated its rules for transferring any unused portion of basic and additional IHT thresholds when the first person in a marriage or civil partnership dies. Find out more about the basic and additional IHT thresholds and see examples of how unused portions can be transferred to a surviving spouse or… Read More ›

Robo-Advisors gaining traction in ASEAN – The Asean Post

  Farringdon Group CEO Stuart Yeomans speaks to The Asean Post during an interview at his office in downtown Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Aug. 3, 2017. (Joshua Paul for The Asean Post)   The growing Muslim population worldwide, coupled with the increasing demand from the same for Shariah-compliant products, is creating a huge opportunity for… Read More ›

Great Exposure Again for Algebra Thanks to AmInvest & Al-Syamil Facility

Courtesy of – Al-Syamil Facility Source: Great Exposure Again for Algebra Thanks to AmInvest & Al-Syamil Facility

Great Exposure Again for Algebra Thanks to AmInvest & Al-Syamil Facility

                                              Courtesy of – Al-Syamil Facility

Week 32 In Review – Stocks Retreat Amid Geopolitical Tensions

  · War of words between North Korea and US intensifies amid UN sanctions · US inflation rises less than expected · Venezuelan Constituent Assembly declares itself superior · UK floats trial balloon on divorce settlement · FTSE 100 hits a 3 month low   Growing concerns about the risk of conflict on the Korean Peninsula and some disappointing corporate… Read More ›

Malaysia’s Strange, Sinister Crunch

                It’s unnatural for loan writing to run ahead of deposit taking for so long. Something weird is going on at Malaysia’s banks. And no, it has nothing to do with the 1MDB money-laundering scandal. The problem is about deposits, or more precisely, a lack of them. As… Read More ›

North Korea – The Diplomatic Response vs The Market Response

Chances are you have heard of the escalating conflict between North Korea and the United States due to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un flexing his ICBM arsenal. As of late, exchanges have been made between the nations with President Trump capturing the media’s attention yet again with the infamous threat when promising “fire and… Read More ›

A Guide to FATCA

        Struggling to understand the implications of the introduction of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)?   The unintended impact of FATCA means US expats have an ever decreasing number of places to turn to for financial advice and a dwindling number of investment products to choice from. The introduction of… Read More ›

FinTech service to offer PE deals to Asia’s HNWI

Singapore’s Farringdon Asset Management plans a service matching ultra-high-net-worth investors (UHNWIs) with private equity investment opportunities. The new application called Mercury is designed to match UHNWIs with private equity opportunities valued between $100m and $500m. It will be launched during Singapore’s Fintech week in November, the company announced. Farringdon is in negotiation with “several investment banks… Read More ›

Robo-Advisors ready to morph Malaysia’s Islamic Finance Industry

Fintech plays plow forward in Southeast Asia as robo-advisor technology emerges as an important trend in Shariah-compliant investments – especially in Malaysia As the fintech space continues to transform Southeast Asia, robo-advisor technology is emerging as a unique trend in Shariah-compliant investments. This is especially true in Malaysia, where artificial intelligence (AI) could endanger fund… Read More ›