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Month: October 2014

Why should I have a Financial Advisor?

Financial advice and financial planning covers broader areas than just guidance for investing.  Nowadays, planning professionals are an essential resource. Financial advisor’s manage and combine all aspects of individual’s financial life from saving to planning for retirement, to educational funding, managing tax exposure and satisfying insurance needs. A prepared financial plan can help an individual… Read More ›

Selangor Set New Price Floor on Properties for Expatriates

As you may know, the Malaysian government have recently changed the minimum purchasing price for expatriates on properties in the Selangor region. I have included some information for your perusal so you can get a better idea of the changes and how it may affect you. Selangor’s new restrictions on property ownership for expats have… Read More ›

Market Wrap – 2014 Quarter 3

The S&P 500 saw a third monthly loss for this year, closing 1.4% lower in September. Energy stocks experienced the steepest fall together with other sectors such as industrial, consumer discretion and tech which are all sensitive to the economic cycle. There wasn’t a distinctive reason for the broader market fall, but stocks that were… Read More ›