Farringdon Asset Management has inked its first partnership in the Middle East, eight months after opening an office in Dubai.


LEFT : MAGO JB SINGH – Baker Tilly CENTER : STUART YEOMANS – Farringdon Asset Management RIGHT: MEHARBAN SINGH – Baker Tilly


The independent asset manager, which oversees about $1bn in high-net-worth investments in Asia, has joined forces with the Baker Tilly JFC Group to collaborate on infrastructure financing.

The duo will specifically focus on debt advisory and syndication including long-term funding via a structured finance route known as the BETA International Funding Program.

The program is designed to help both private companies and governments finance infrastructure projects that are greater than $500m.‘We see Baker Tilly’s BETA International Funding Program as being a big part of that across Asia and we are very pleased to assist them with this endeavour,’ said Farringdon Group CEO Stuart Yeomans.

‘With the global recession caused by the pandemic now beginning to bite, it is more important now than ever, that governments and corporates look to the future and begin work on long delayed projects, that can help turn the economy around,’ he said.

In Dubai, Farringdon holds a Category 3C fund management license issued by the Dubai Financial Services Authority.

The firm is on the lookout for partnerships to grow its business in the Middle East.

Its Asia operations work with a range of private banks and custody platforms to offer clients solutions covering investments, banking, tax and succession planning needs.

Mago JB Singh Founder – Principal & Group Managing Partner Baker Tilly Middle East had this to say

We are delighted to be collaborating with a company as energetic as Farringdon Asset Management in the most important and critical area of Project Finance which is the immediate need for all economies more particularly developing economies. Given our experience of 45 years in Project Financing, Project Management, Industrial & Manufacturing Consulting, we hope that our two companies can go on to work together and assist companies and corporates on their projects in the future that can mutually benefit both companies’ clients.

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