Why should I have a Financial Advisor?

Stuart Yeomans - FA

Financial advice and financial planning covers broader areas than just guidance for investing.  Nowadays, planning professionals are an essential resource.

Financial advisor’s manage and combine all aspects of individual’s financial life from saving to planning for retirement, to educational funding, managing tax exposure and satisfying insurance needs.

A prepared financial plan can help an individual to take decisions that optimise their financial situation to make the most of their wealth – now and in the future.

Nowadays with the financial industry having a negative reputation, individuals easily assume that given advices just help advisor’s to lure money into their own pockets. And while there are many cases of screwed up portfolios by untrustworthy investment advisers, many individuals should take advantage from having the aid of a financial expert.

A professional planner understands the complexity of the financial environment and is equipped with knowledge to make decisions that help to achieve financial confidence and security.

Following are some of the advantages of using a financial adviser:

  1. Identify and Set Realistic Goals. Setting financial goals will help individuals to achieve their needs and will suggest right list outlining what they want or need to accomplish.
  2. Secondary Opinion. One of the reason investing is not successful, majority of individual investors take decisions on their own with no training or education. The financial adviser will give you an unemotional, honest and non-obligatory assessment of what needs to be done.
  3. Asset Allocation. Individuals may not always allocate their investment strategically, which can lead to under-allocation or over-allocations. Financial advisers will identify risk appetite and tolerance of individuals and set a strategy to achieve widely-diversified portfolio of assets with a suitable risk.
  4. Tax Minimization. The tax regimes of countries are constantly changing and becoming more widespread in terms of offshore investments.  Financial advisor’s can help by looking at individual’s investments and how they are structured. Recommendations are done after assessing specific country’s tax regulations in terms of investment and tax liabilities. This may involve the use of trusts to protect assets and even to take them out of estate altogether.
  5. Security and Comfort.The right financial advice can also help in planning retirement in terms of how much individuals will need and also provide the guideline to get there. Often pensions suffer from poor returns and a lack of transparency. Financial planning specialists can help you simplify pensions and maximise returns to give the best possible income in retirement.

In a world where personal financial issues have become increasingly and often unnecessarily complex, professional advisor’s help plot a financial course with the confidence that individuals are using their resources wisely while avoiding the common pitfalls that so many fall prey to.

If you have any queries on the above, please do not hesitate to get in touch,

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this post.

Stuart Yeomans


Farringdon Group

Kuala Lumpur : Malaysia





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