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Stuart Yeomans - Footy

We make lifestyle choices to reap the true rewards life has to offer us. Have you made your personal choices? Are you the type who enjoys an active social life, being pro-active within your own community? Do you and your family members routinely take part in sporting events, outdoor adventures and family-related activities?

All of us dream of having the perfect life – being able to travel the world, being able to have enough money to do whatever we want, to enjoy sports and other outdoor activities we and our families like, and enjoying doing all of that while at the same time being ensured we are protected too.

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere and making sure you and your family are being adequately protected has become a necessity in this world. Being smart and planning ahead helps protect you and your family members. It will ensure you have complete peace of mind as you go about your daily lives doing all the things that you love in your leisure time, be it travel, sport, or adventure, knowing you have all the protection you need via our extensive leisure protection plans.

More often than not, travel insurance isn’t included in your holiday travel plans, and if it is it requires some serious concentration time to find out what is and isn’t covered and to understand the fine print. Holiday plans should be about the destination and finding the best accommodation for your special holiday, which takes a fair amount of time, anyway.

Stuart Yeomans - Leisure

Many travel and healthcare policies operate limitations or exclusions for ‘Adventure’ activities. At Farringdon Group, we have made the effort to design a simple, wide-ranging, and cost-effective Adventure Insurance policy with one of our insurance partners.

No matter the type of sport you play, there is always the risk of injury. Farringdon Group invested a great deal of effort and time in building our Sports Insurance as a stand-alone or Supplemental provision to meet our clients’ needs when they participate in sports or higher-risk recreational activities outside their country of residence.

At Farringdon Group, our leisure protection covers travel, adventure and sports for both business and personal. Contact us for more details on advising the most suitable coverage for you.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post.

Stuart Yeomans


Farringdon Group

Kuala Lumpur : Malaysia

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