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This is The Time You Should be Looking to get a Pension Valuation !

BOE rates, life expectancy data seen curbing pension deficits Firms with big liabilities have underperformed since Brexit The U.K.’s $86 Billion Pension Problem Is About to Solve Itself   For U.K. Plc, the sting of Brexit comes with an unexpected bonus. With no effort on their part, British businesses may see pension deficits that have… Read More ›

UK Pension Transfer Values and GILT Rates

            Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England indicated this week that he was prepared to see interest rates rise at least one time before the end of this year. The announcement caught markets off guard as they had been expecting a slower rate rising cycle in the UK… Read More ›

Rich People From These Nations Hide the Most Offshore Wealth

        The top 0.01 percent isn’t paying a big chunk of its tax bill Pinpointing the inequality between rich and poor is notoriously difficult because the data is so squishy, and new research shows just how hard that job can be. The study is the first of its kind to quantify tax avoidance… Read More ›

How To Make The Most Of Unused Inheritance Tax Allowance

The UK tax office has recently updated its rules for transferring any unused portion of basic and additional IHT thresholds when the first person in a marriage or civil partnership dies. Find out more about the basic and additional IHT thresholds and see examples of how unused portions can be transferred to a surviving spouse or… Read More ›

Are You Returning ‘Home’ to the UK ?

Making the move back to the UK after spending time living abroad is not nearly as easy as one would think. There are a number of reasons why people decide to return ‘home’, most commonly, homesickness, new position and missing family members.   Your decision to move home has likely took months to reach and… Read More ›

UK Interest Rates & The Impact on DB Pensions

In the UK, interest rates have been kept at 0.25% by the Monetary Policy Committee. Nonetheless, the fall of the pound and the ongoing inflation means the MPC had to discuss a 0.25% rise, bringing interest rates to 0.5% by the end of this year. Whilst acknowledging that five votes are needed to pass the… Read More ›

Have I got a Defined Benefit Pension?

We have been finding many people lately with DB pensions from the UK and feel that everyone who has one or think they may have one knows about their options. To give you an idea of how things may have increased, the last two clients with final salary schemes that we retrieved valuations for had… Read More ›

Changes to UK Inheritance Tax rules for foreign nationals

After two very successful educational seminars held in the last two weeks with 3 specialist speakers and over 100 attendees I wanted to share some of the topics of discussion as this may very well affect you or someone you know. Firstly, property in the UK; On the 5th of December 2016 the British Government… Read More ›

US Expats – Retirement has now become more tax efficient

For many years now it has become very difficult to give advice to US Expats living offshore as there has not been any products that are beneficial, this is because, as you may know, they are taxed on worldwide income and investments……Until now ! Essentially, without the correct tax planning, you could pay up to… Read More ›

Farringdon gets its asset management licence for Singapore

Myself and Martin have been working tirelessly over the last couple of years to get our very own license in Singapore. We decided not to continue our partnership with an IFA down there and decided to get the capital & markets service license instead. This allows us to do way more than we previously thought possible…. Read More ›